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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  March 12, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> a former teacher at center point christian preschool is accused of tying up a 2-year- old girl's wrists and ankles with masking tape after the toddler refused to take a nap. the pastor there says the news is disturbing. >> children are made in the image of god and deserve to be fully respected and this is a dehumanizing incident that we are greatly grieved over. >> they say the incident came to light months after it was alleged to have happened. that's when the former employee apparently showed cell phone pictures of the girl to her colleagues. one of those colleagues was the child's mother. so far, no charges have been filed. some tense moments in berkeley this afternoon. chopper 5 captured these pictures. this is a gas leak that caught
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fire near martin luther king, jr. way. fire crews were able to keep the flames confined to the driveway there. they had to wait for pg&e though to shut off the gas supply before putting out the fire. the man accused of killing three members of a daly city family was allegedly drunk at the time of saturday's crash. the d.a. says the man's blood alcohol level was more than 2 times the legal limit. kpix 5's juliette goodrich shows us this is not the first time he has been in trouble for drinking and driving. >> reporter: his blood alcohol level was .18 twice the legal limit two hours after the fatal accident. this isn't the first time he has been arrested for drinking and driving. this is the man accused of killing a daly city mother and her two sons. >> do i have bail? >> reporter: 28-year-old denis pereria demacedo speaks portugese and requested an
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interpreter. we learned today he has been drunk behind the wheel before. in 2011, he was convicted of dui in santa clara. deputy d.a. joseph cannon says he was still on probation at the time of this weekend's fatal crash. >> his blood alcohol level .18. that was from a blood sample taken over two hours after the time of driving. realistically his level was higher at the time of driving. >> reporter: demacedo reportedly spent the afternoon drinking with friends before he got while behind the wheel. >> mr. demacedo was drinking at a pizza store in daly city for several hours and eating with a large group of people. he left the restaurant sometime after that around 8:00 in the evening. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office said he first hit an unoccupied car and raced away in excess of 60 miles per hour. minutes later he crashed into a car pulling out of the driveway on eastmoor boulevard killing 50-year-old josepha and her two
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sons a 23-year-old and a 15- year-old. a girlfriend of one of the sons survived and is in the hospital in serious condition. >> we have charged him with three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated for each of the three victims. he has also been charged with felony dui for that fourth victim with a great bodily injury allegation which makes it a more serious offense. >> reporter: despite being on probation for that 2011 dui, he did have a valid driver's license. the d.a.'s office says his fatal mistake this time around was getting behind the wheel after he had been drinking. in redwood city, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> demacedo is expected back in court on thursday to be formally charged. new at 5:00 a modular home falls off its trailer causing a driver to lose control and crash with the truck. it happened on highway 92 near skyline boulevard just after
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1:00 this afternoon. chp closed the highway in both directions for almost three hours while they towed away both vehicles. no one was hurt. thick, black smoke poured from the sistine chapel signalling the cardinals did not elect a pope on their first try. we saw the smoke a little before noon our time. the vatican had made it clear that it did not expect a winner on the first ballot. the papal conclave started with a gathering at the vatican's pauline chapel before they filed off to the sistine chapel. then they took an oath of secrecy. [ speaking latin ] >> the master of ceremonies gave the command "extra omnes," latin for everybody out! and the doors to the chapel were closed. the cardinals pray and vote in silence. we have a live look at vatican city now with the cardinals spending the night. just about 300 yards away from the sistine chapel at the
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vatican santa marta hotel. they return to hear mass in the morning and then to voting. they are divided about the problems in the church and who can fix the issues following the abdication of pope benedict. cardinals can choose the status quo or make a change. kpix 5's ann notarangelo with the papal politics happening behind closed doors [ pause ] [ pause ] >> ann spoke with a local priest, father mike, who by the way predicts we're going to know who the next pope is thursday morning. obviously some problems with her report. we'll try to get though that later. but father mike thinks this is going to be the new pope is going to be archbishop angelo scola from italy, but father mike does admit he doesn't have a great track record picking popes. who does? this morning, san
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francisco's archbishop salvatore cordileone hosted a special mass at st. mary's cathedral in honor of the start of the conclave. dozens of catholics attended excited about the historic moment. >> i'm so excited. i mean, it's such a wonderful time to be a catholic. >> it's exciting to have somebody new and fresh and to see which direction they are going to go to. >> a new cbs news poll says some catholics are looking for a change and some are looking for a younger pope. for more on the pope election, head to our website, i need somebody to help me. the truth to come out. >> labeled a sexual predator for a crime he never committed. an innocent man's victory in clearing his name. >> it's become the go-to antibiotic to fight infections. now a big warning is attached to the z-pak. the potentially deadly heart of
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condition it's linked to. >> it is not sunny everywhere. here's a live look outside at ocean beach where it was mainly cloudy for much of the day today. temperatures there running about 20 degrees cooler than what we have inland. but let's talk about tomorrow. we will see the warmest weather since early november. find out how warm we're going to get coming up. >> they are required for protection. but what if car seat restraints become deadly restraints? how one couple is trying to change the way car seats are made after their twins became trapped in a burning vehicle.
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of the san francisco symphony, .. and ♪[ music ]♪ they want their voices and music heard. today members of the san francisco symphony donned l.a. dodger hats and performed at city hall in protest. musicians are on the verge of a strike. they are fighting against the possible pay freeze and benefits cuts. they are in contract talks with the symphony and a federal mediator. if the two sides cannot reach
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an agreement, the strike will begin next week. a bay area man who spent 14 years in prison for a crime he did not commit is now planning his future as a free man. johnny williams was convicted of trying to rape a 9-year-old girl who wrongly identified him as her attacker. he was freed in january after new dna evidence proved his innocence. williams, who is from oakland, says he is not wasting any time on bitterness. >> i go with the flow. and right now the flow is positive. i want to do all positive things. no negativity. i keep all the negativity away from me. >> we'll hear more from him at 6:00 but williams is looking forward to visits with his family. he says i also wants to go back to -- he says he also wants to go back to school and travel in europe. a family's car seats almost kill their twin daughters. the new invention they have created to make for a quick escape in case of an emergency. >> mobile5 is live in palo alto. how silicon valley is going hollywood and the traffic mess is holding up parts of the
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south bay.
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he had lunch with senate democrats today.... working to s. president obama spent the day on capitol hill to bridge the budget divide. he had lunch with senate democrats today working to break the gridlock that's
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keeping lawmakers from getting much done. congressman paul ryan is moving forward with his house republican budget one that would do away with obamacare. >> we want to prevent this law which we really do believe will do great damage to families in the healthcare system of america. >> it is an absolute hoax to say on the one hand that you're balancing your budget and on the other hand that you're eliminating obamacare. >> senate democrats argue the republicans' plan will hurt the middle class so they are going to deliver their own budget plan tomorrow. on wall street today the dow barely eked out its 8th straight gain logging its longest winning streak though in two years. a 3-point game out the dow at 14,450. the nasdaq was down 5.5 and the s&p 500 lost 3.75. a family's car seats almost killed their twin daughters after their car caught fire. now the minnesota couple is calling on car seat makers to
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put a quick release feature on children's car seats. kpix 5's consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains the life- saving device does exist. it's simply not on the market. reporter: every time amy and kent put their 14-month-old twins in the car they remember the time the straps almost became deadly constraints. >> i looked back and saw flames. i just jumped out of the car to get to the girls in the back. and everything was in flames. >> reporter: amy could onlily partially unbuckle one of the girls before her jeans caught fire and she had to jump out. her husband kent then struggled to unbuckle both girls as the flames spread through the car. >> there were no other options. we were get to going out. >> reporter: and they did just seconds before the car exploded. >> it was amazing to see them out of the burning car. [ crying ] >> reporter: amazingly no one
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was hurt and that's when amy began searching the internet when she found a quick release for the harness. >> this frees the harness and the belts slide through the belt holders instantly and completely releasing the child from the seat. >> reporter: but to her shock the quick release straps aren't on the market and she is writing to car seat manufacturers demanding change. >> it was horrifying and to just be outside and to watch my husband with those two girls in that burning car, it was awful and there needs to be a change. >> reporter: now, the quick release straps were invented by a georgia dentist following a similar incident in 2009. the car seat manufacturers tell him they are not interested in installing them because quick release straps aren't required by law. he says they would cost about $3 to $5 per seat and the manufacturers we contacted have not returned our request for comment. >> not even an option. >> reporter: not yet. >> thank you. okay. you know her, you love her.
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tv's judge judy is being sued. tmz reports it has to do with some expensive dishes she apparentlily bought from one of her producers. the judge paid $50,000. sound like a lot? but the producer's ex-wife claims they are worth half a million dollars. the woman accuses the ex and the judge of plotting to keep the pricy tableware out of her divorce settlement. judge judy called the suit frivolous and then threw them out. [ laughter ] >> i would not want to go up against her. i think that would be probably worse than it is on tv. >> $500,000 for dishes? what are they made of? pure gold? >> can you imagine if you dropped one?! you would feel terrible! >> the judge judy show, here we come! >> it's going to be the warmest in the bay area since early november coming up tomorrow. some of you may hit 80 degrees. outside off to the east, all you see is sunshine and inland well into the 70s even today
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but right along the coastline, you are lagging behind temperature-wise and you just broke through the clouds right now. there's a look at ocean beach in the background. look at the temperature spread. 73 santa rosa, 75 in livermore. 55 in san francisco. so a 20-degree difference. that's a little taste of summer right there. and tomorrow the winds turning offshore, it will be much, much warmer at the coast. speaking of warm, look at the overnight lows, everybody in the 40s or 50s. oakland down to 48. vallejo 47 in the morning. nothing on the radar. we're into another long dry spell and we'll stay mainly drive on kpix 5 hi-def doppler for a while. active storm track but that big bubble of high pressure is taking that moisture who is every shoving it up to the form the. hello, seattle and portland, getting the rainfall. the moisture is being shoved up to the north. we'll be dry for the next week. tomorrow the front is over top of us giving that offshore wind
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and temperatures up near 80 degrees for some of you in the south bay and inland. it will move by the end of the week down to the south allowing a light onshore flow to return. it's not going to bring back rainfall but will drop the temperatures down about 5 to 10 degrees so a zonal flow moving west to east means wheel stay dry but just not going to be as warm. you want the warm stuff, you have to get outside tomorrow. speaking of tomorrow, warmest weather since early november, we'll stay warm inland through the weekend but near the coast and near the bay, we are looking at morning cloud cover returning at the end of the week. how about 79 tomorrow for livermore? 80 for san jose. low 80s for campbell, los gatos, los altos 81. redwood city 76. san ramon upper 70s. along the coastline you will be in the upper 60s warmer than today but 10 degrees cooler than inland. look at these highs through the weekend. mid-70s inland, low to mid-70s near the bay, cooler at the
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coast and zero rainfall for the next 7 days. kpix 5's roberta gonzales is in the oakland hills tonight to tell us about a big comet appearing. >> reporter: yes. we did bring mobile weather here to this grassy knoll across from the oakland zoo. the current conditions, it was 71 degrees when we arrived. it's down to 69. winds under 10. if you were to look in that direction, you would see a very hazy san jose. and that direction is due west towards the skyline of san francisco and that's where all eyes will be tonight as we have the first of three comes visible in north america in 2013. it's name is "pan-starrs" and it will be visible toward the western horizon tonight about 7:49. let's say about 40 minutes after twilight. you have to get up above that huge deck of fog at the coast. so come on over to a grassy knoll hilltop like this in oakland to see "pan-starrs" visible tonight in the western
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horizon. reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. palo alto is about to have a starring role in a new hbo series and if you drive around, you're sure to notice. ken bastida is live with mobile5 to explain. hey, ken. >> reporter: we can drive it around a lot. we're down here on university and in just a few minutes, the police will be putting up barricades because later this evening, they will be shooting an hbo pilot down here about silicon valley. this is being done by mike judge, the director, the creator of beavis and butt head, king of the hill, and the title is silicon valley about six programmers trying to create software that will earn them big bucks. that's not a comedy. that's what people do down here all the time. richard marty a local here in palo alto showed up early to get a good seat for tonight's filming. what do you expect to see? you have a prime location on the corner. >> i thought you were one of
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the movie stars from across the street. >> reporter: i have been accused of that before but not today. what do you expect to see this afternoon? >> i hope to see a little action here in this corner. i'm hoping to see looks like they cleared some cars out of there so there might be some action there. i don't know. >> reporter: you have a prime location for it. you're kind of incognito with the hat on here. that's good. >> okay. channel 5's my favorite. >> reporter: we love that guy. they don't love the fact that traffic is being blown out of here tonight although most of the merchants will stay open if they normally are open in the evenings. this has been going on at page mill road, el camino real, middlefield a rolling closure of streets to shoot this thing. motorist are encouraged to stay out of the area. they should be done about 8:30. reporting live from palo alto, i'm ken kennel. we have more news on kpix 5 right after this.
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the z-pak... and now, the f- d-a is warning patients and doctors about it. it's one of the most popular antibiotics out there: z-pak. now the fda is warning patients
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and doctors about it. >> cbs reporter marlie hall with how the drug can cause a potentially deadly heart problem. >> reporter: there is new concern about the common antibiotic z-pak. the food and drug administration is warning the drug could cause an irregular heart rhythm in some patients that could potentially be deadly. >> it's important for those who already have cardiovascular problems. >> reporter: there are generic investigation. the warning follows a study last may that said there are higher number of cardiovascular deaths compared to other antibiotics. more than 40 million americans received this prescription. it's used for pneumonia and tonsilitis and others. doctors should be aware of the risk factors before prescribing the drug to patients. >> such as a prior heart attack
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or angina or chest pain. also, people who are known to have abnormalities in their heart rhythm. >> reporter: but the agency also noted that other antibiotics in the same class have the potential for the same problem. so doctors need to consider all the risks. marlie hall for cbs news, new york. >> now, the fda has updated the warnings and the precautions sections of the antibiotics' labels to include that heart rhythm risk. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in rome for the papal conclave. scott. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. well, the black smoke from the sistine chapel tonight signaled no pope elected so far. but for the very first time, the world was able to watch live today as the secret conclave began. we'll have this historic day and those remarkable pictures plus a look at the future of the church all tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30,
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getting a new roof used to mean sending the old one to a landfill. but not any more. w old shingles will no new at 6:00 tonight, getting a new roof used to mean sending the old one to the landfill. not anymore. how old shingles will get a second life. >> and another hit for the america's cup. why the boatload of money that was supposed to come with the race appears to be sinking. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, >> pelley: tonight, a sign from above. black smoke signals no pope elected, but the world watches live as the secret conclave begins. allen pizzey is in st. peter's square. mark phillips reports on the battle for the future of the church. james holmes appears before cameras for the first time since the days of the movie massacre. barry petersen reports the judge has made a decision on holmes' plea. dr. jon lapook on a potentially fatal side effect from an antibiotic taken by tens of millions of americans. and texans lift up st. peter's with song. a hometown choir finds itself on the stage of history. captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs by cbs this i this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from vatican city.
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reporting tonight from vat >> pelley: good evening from st. peter's square. after more than a week of consultations in private, the cardinals of the roman catholic church got down to voting far new pope today-- in private. they sought divine inspiration at morning mass at st. peter's basilica and later they marched in procession to the sistine chapel. the world watched live as the cardinals swore an oath to vote their conscience, then they locked the massive doors and surrounded by some of the greatest works of art in the world, they cast their first ballot. the crowd in st. peter's square waited for hours for smoke from the sistine chapel. for an instant it appeared white but then billowed unmistakably black signaling that no cardinal received the two-thirds vote needed. allen pizzey picks up our coverage. >> reporte


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